Welcome to the JLA Designer Studio

HowtoOrderWelcome to the JLA Designer Studio, your online portal for getting the details and specifications for J.L. Anthony’s extensive selection of:

  • Finials
  • Poles
  • Traversing Systems
  • Motorized Systems
  • Custom Window Applications
  • Brackets, Rings and Tiebacks
  • Finishes

To access all you need, we require that you log in or register for a design account. This protects some of the proprietary information utilized to create the luxury drapery hardware that makes your designs so dramatic.

Simply click on the any of the page titles above to the registration/sign-in prompt, and thank you for being here. We sincerely appreciate yur interest and want to make the specifying and design process as simple as possible.

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  1. I am interested in specifying the “stylish square” rod for a client. What dimensions does it come in? Pricing as well.
    Thank you,
    Susan Marocco Interiors.

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